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    Auto-Relay Auto-Controller Auto-Switch Actuator And Others Junction Box
    The Equiqments For Envir-onmetal Test The Equiqments For EMC Test
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    Accreditation Criteria:ISO/IEC 17025:2005

    The Integrated Environmental test ability including Temperature, Humidity, Water spray, Dust-proof, Salt spray, Vibration and Shock test

    The Abundant Load test ability including Resistive, Inductive, Lamp, Motor and Electric Simulation Load

    The Comprehensive Electromagnetic Compatibility test ablity which full cover EMC field of Vehicle Electric & Electronic

    Principle of test center. Ensure the result of Measurement / Calibration / Test to be timely, exact, reliable, credibly, and traceable.

    Position: Testing Center

    Shanghai Hu Gong Auto-Electric co.,Ltd

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